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Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation

Cochlear Implants are not a device which do not work their magic instantly, A Cochlear Implant receiver needs regular and extensive Rehabilitation post-implantation.

Any Cochlear Implant Receiver needs the following post-implantation:

  • Regular Auditory Training
  • Regular Auditory Verbal and/or Speech- Language Therapy.
  • Mapping of the Cochlear Implant.

Auditory Training – Auditory Training refers to the therapy provided to the clients with a cochlear implantation, with the goal of making the recipient able enough to learn to listen from the cochlear implantation. It also involves the goal of making the recipient accept the new and different stimuli, especially in cases of adults.

Auditory Training has its steps wherein, the Training proceeds to the next difficult listening situation once the initial steps are learnt. For example, discrimination between sounds is only taught after one has attained the skill to detect sounds first.

AVT/Speech-Language Therapy : –

  • AVT (Auditory-Verbal Therapy) is the prime choice for the method used to incorporate spoken language into the recipient. It involves the use of only Auditory stimuli with its numerous methods to make the recipient highly capable of communication with only audition.
  • Speech-Language Therapy is the second option wherein due to any reason, the use of only Auditory Stimulus is not yielding the best results, which may have happened due to a multitude of factors which hinder in the AVT. Thus, a more conventional and Holistic approach of Speech and Language therapy may be needed to help the recipient communicate with all the modalities available at their disposal (hearing, vision, touch, etc.)

Mapping – Mapping is the programming of a Cochlear Implant, wherein the sound processor is programmed digitally to provide a certain amount of gain to certain frequencies depending on the need and comfort of the client.

Initial Maps aren’t the final ones, as with time, the cochlear implant recipient needs to attain the most near normal status they can achieve and that is only possible with Mapping at fixed intervals and whenever something changes in the performance of the recipient.

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