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Hearing Impairment

Hearing loss when of degree high enough can be disabling, especially for children.

All Children with hearing loss do not have disabling hearing loss as it is usually caused by infections which can be cured medico-surgically. They may cause deterioration if the hearing disorder goes untreated.

Usually when Hearing loss is congenital (Since birth) that is when it causes the highest level of disability and severely affects Speech and Language Development.

Early Diagnosis and Intervention is a must in cases of Hearing Disability as the later it gets, the harder it becomes for the brain to learn concepts of audition and verbal language.

Proper Diagnosis, followed by appropriate fitment of an amplification device such as a digital hearing and/or Cochlear Implant is a must to start the treatment plan.

As important as Amplification device is adequate Auditory and Speech-Language therapy as without it, the child with hearing loss always faces difficulties in all situations.

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